BPE3 the journey

11th April 2016
The journeys end, in what started out as entering an odd exhibition/salon I decided in January 2015 to enter add hoc a some British Photographic Exhibition salons, what I mean by add hoc was to try a choose those exhibitions / salons that I thought would suit my photography. If there was a landscapes, seascapes or cityscapes section this usually suited my photography and me. At times this proved a little elusive but on the main it helped up my game in the other sections like open colour and open mono.

I thought I’d better keep track in someway as after 25, 50 and 100 acceptances you were required to submit a record of acceptances each relating to a crown award, 25 equaling one crown, 50 two and 100 three crowns, it was always my intention to stop at the three crown award, you can read more about the awards system here;


So with a hand full of acceptances already in the bag from my previous odd flurry into the BPE exhibition / salons the journey started in January 2015 I and happy to say I achieved my goal of BPE three crown award in February 2016 just over 12 months, my end total was 105 acceptances plus along the road were a few awards collected as well.

The question I’ve been asked is why finish why not go on to the 4 crown and 5 crown etc, well I set out to achieve a goal, that was completed and secondly I don’t really have the motivation coupled with the cost of going on and on. There are other goals to set projects to do, I will still enter a few of the exhibitions / salons but it will be more selective and just for fun without the need for keeping records.

Below is a small selection of the images that have either had acceptances or have collected awards throughout the pasted year, as I started with these words I will finish with them also, the journeys end.

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